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时时彩北京赛车:20 years of adhering to the interests of customers Boss Fund market system uses "professional" to infiltrate people's hearts

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内容摘要: Born in 1998,Bosera Fund , 20 years of time continues to stand proud of the industry. The highlights of the business are not only focused o...

Born in 1998, Bosera Fund , 20 years of time continues to stand proud of the industry. The highlights of the business are not only focused on the investment areas where performance is visible, but also in the market, Boss Fund is also excellent.

According to reports, the Boss Fund market system has been deeply involved in retail, institutional, Internet and other channels for many years, and currently has nearly 150 team members. From channel retail business to institutional customer service, from the early running traditional bank , brokerage channel "selling funds", to the third-party financial technology platform to join hands with big data marketing, Boss market people always uphold "customer first, special excellence" Professionalism, committed to providing customers with satisfactory asset management solutions. Professional marketing team and customer base expand the depth, so when Bo marketing system to become strong wings help the company leap-forward development.

market-driven, customer-driven market-oriented strategy system

"basic financial services customers. But while huge customer base raised funds, accounting for its own customers is very low. Raised funds primarily through channel partners, to indirect customers provide professional products and investment services, and our customers rely on sticky tack with our channel, channel and customer stickiness. how best to provide services, directly or indirectly, an accurate grasp of customer needs, proactively adjust the layout of products and marketing services architecture is a key test of our professional competence. "Xu Wei, vice president of Boshi Fund said.

today's big market system when Bo, in addition to traditional public fund institutions, retail two business segments has nationwide coverage, the pension business, strategic accounts department, the central business affairs department, business unit are all independent brokerage operations, nearly two more The year-old Internet finance business, and the powerful middle platform from market strategy co-ordination, product channel, marketing support to customer service. Bo Shi grabs the first-line sales team and customer needs, and grasps the marketing strategy, products and services. Through effective mechanism coordination, all the business departments at the front desk and the front desk between the front desks are opened, and the investment and research, products and operations are horizontally re-invested. IT systems are efficiently and deeply docked. All adjustment and reforms are firmly committed to the goal of customer experience as the center and market-driven improvement of product and service matching. This is why the Boss market can continue to “catch the wind”.

Agency VS retail, change the game in a timely manner

In the past two years, the rapid progress of Boss's business has surprised the industry. In fact, this is a prepared "market marketing war to break out."

Looking back at the A-share market in the second half of 2015, the sudden decline in the trend has reduced the willingness of public investors to fall to the freezing point. The equity fund sales is extremely difficult; but on the other hand, with the acceleration of financial reform, the city commercial bank has undergone a comprehensive transformation. Under the structural asset shortage, the huge demand for bank wealth management and self-owned capital allocation has exploded. Boss seniors timely predicted the market direction and established the transformation idea of ??“comprehensive inter-connected institutions”. The market system quickly completed the structural adjustment: the institutional team was fully attacked, the retail team was moderately institutionalized, and a large market synergy system was established.

“The retail team is spread all over the country and has local and regional advantages. After the stock market crash, the equity fund product issuance and continuous marketing are affected, and the low morale retail team is moderately institutionalized. It is a good way to revitalize retail resources and fully mobilize employee enthusiasm. More exercise to cultivate a group of outstanding professional first-line professional backbone." Wu Yanqing, general manager of Boss Fund Beijing Branch, and Song Hewen, general manager of Shanghai Branch, are veteran market veterans for more than ten years, experienced and keen. In their memory, the bear market selling fund has never been so "chicken blood": the past and distinct organizations and retail teams seem to be in conflict with the business. In fact, the communication and cooperation are closer, the institutional team shares the experience with the retail team, and the retail team serves the local community. Matchmaking and coordination resources. Local teams learn and expand, strange visits, seminars, product roadshows, all the way to the city.

Under the new regulations, the institutional and retail business market environment has undergone dramatic changes, but through this campaign, the business coverage and depth of cooperation of the Boss market system have made a qualitative breakthrough. “It has expanded the business, developed the channels, and trained the team.” In just one year, the Boss market has achieved full coverage of the city-wide commercial banks with assets of over 100 billion yuan across the country. Many small and medium-sized banks have bluntly stated It is the first company in the industry to visit fund company ".

Internet finance has accumulated a lot of money, 240 billion Nirvana breakout

"Customer demand is multi-faceted, customer needs level is also different. Relying on the past fund companies and traditional channels shallow product consignment and entrusted management cooperation mode, want to fully satisfy customers Demand is becoming more and more difficult to sustain." Xu Wei said frankly.

Leverage technology finance, online marketing, is the "golden key" found in the Boss market. Boss Internet Finance Department was established in 2013. After five years of hard work, it finally ushered in a big development after a series of amazing works such as Jinbao, Big Data, Hehui, Wealth, and Access to Baobao. By the middle of 2018, Boss Internet finance had a scale of more than 240 billion, and more than 37 million online customers were served.

Breakthrough in the Internet finance business at Boss is not a one-step process. The early Boss Internet finance relied on Bosch's IT traditional advantages to successively realize the first online payment for the opening of a national commercial bank in the industry, the first to achieve intelligence fixed investment , the first to implement WeChat fund transaction query function; IT technology advantage and then fast Transformed into Internet channel recognition and business innovation breakthrough, Boss is not only the first online Alipay channel in the industry, but also the first fund partner of Taobao flagship store.

Diligence + professional, the market on the market is "iron army"

At present, Boss has set up a large market team of nearly 150 people. “Boss is the most important position for the market system personnel. Everyone should have a comprehensive understanding of the company's fund portfolio, investment style, customer needs, etc., and can actively match customer needs and make money for customers, rather than simply pulling Lang with '." Xu Wei said, "This is also a natural improvement based on the development requirements of the industry. Those who do not meet the conditions will gradually phase out."

A diligent, professional and hard-working market "Iron Army", in exchange for Bo Shi Fund's powerful execution of “holding the wind”. As described by Zhu Yufan, general manager of the marketing department, Boss' assessment of the sales team not only focuses on performance results, but also dynamically assesses process indicators. When he was an account manager, he traveled for more than 200 days in his busiest year. The team had requirements for the number and quality of customers. Song Hewen, managing director and general manager of retail business, also said that Boss visits customers often “all members are dispatched”. The company's chairman, general manager and deputy vice president often work with sales teams to visit key institutional customers and sales channels. Sudden appendicitis in the channel personnel road show, still insisted on returning to Shanghai after the end of the project before rushing to the hospital for surgery.

“It’s not just investment research that can create value for customers.” Zhu Yifan said, “The core of sales to create value for customers is to do four 'fits' – at the right time, with the right products, through the right channels, recommend To the right customer." It is difficult to say that Boss hopes that each sales can become three "teachers": "The first is to fully understand the characteristics of Bosch products, the investment concept of 'product analyst '; the second is full The 'market analyst' who understands the market situation and customer needs; the third is the 'bartender' who combines the two."

Song Hewen, who has served in the Boss Fund for 15 years, also said that different types of customers The capital attributes are different, and the understanding and preferences of the four elements of risk, benefit, time and cost are different, so the demand is different. Fund sales personnel need to understand the differences and essence of customer needs, provide customers with suitable asset management solutions with the concept of customer first, special excellence, coordinate internal investment resources with cooperation and compatibility, and pass effective Execution and service responsiveness to meet customer demand for asset management and enhance customer satisfaction, the so-called "customer-driven".

Service wins, intelligent customer service "Qi Bing" online

In 2016, the customer service center was integrated into the market system, together with the marketing department and marketing service department, quickly established the "service win, professional leading" marketing center support.

Every day, a large number of professional reports, data analysis, data transfer, channel roadshow PPT, business training, product information, investment information, customer service text messages, channels from media promotion graphics... are continuously supplied to each front-line sales staff, Channel customers, investors and hands. Track product performance, coordinate sales policies and channel strategies, track sales data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis... from public offerings to special accounts, from offline retail, direct banking to internet finance platforms, timely and efficient professional support, It is a complete professional service supply chain from demand communication, analysis, refinement, solutions, products and promotion.

In order to improve the service responsiveness, and more in line with the customer preferences of the Internet era, Boss Customer Service also introduced the online intelligence robot "Xiaobo", and officially launched in early 2016. At present, “Xiaobo” has been deployed in the official website of Boss, the official micro-signal of Boss, and the homepage of Fortune. It can respond to customers' consultations at any time.

"The market and channel changes too fast, we can only make timely strategic adjustments and professional ability matching from product, service, investment, operation management, sales and other aspects." Xu Wei clearly recognized.

Provide customers with a comprehensive and comprehensive asset management solution solution

"With the increase in wealth, customers need more than just a product, but a systematic wealth management solution, and the asset management agency will also be forced From product providers to integrated services or solution providers. In the future, Boss will rely on the company's professional investment research, products and diversified asset allocation tools to provide customers with comprehensive and comprehensive asset management service solutions, as well as fast, convenient and authoritative. Trusted information consulting and other value-added services, so as to establish a closer and more comprehensive relationship with customers. At the same time, on the basis of improving the ability to optimize the strategy, we will focus on the development of smart investment and other services, and continue to improve the comprehensive services for customers. Basic ability." Xu Wei said.

With the new regulations on asset management, the new big asset management ecosystem is being reshaped. Zhu Yifan exclaimed that the impact of the new regulations on public funds is equivalent to the second venture. If the past 20 years is “from 0 to 1”, then the new regulations will be “from 1 to N”, the future. It is inevitable that the fund company will be based on the interests of the holders, and the Bosera Fund always insists on putting the interests of the holders first.

Song Hewen still remembers the interview of Boss Fund 15 years ago, the two words under the blog, "the gentleman's words, the letter and the levy" and "create wealth for the people", he believes that this spirit can lead Bo Shi in the " The era of big capital management continues to maintain industry leadership.





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